Stable cash flows, valuable collateral and attractive yields.

50 years of experience in the field of asset financing.

KGAL GmbH & Co. KG has a long track record in the structuring and management of institutional tangible asset investments. Our specialists in the Debt Investments division apply this valuable expertise to develop institutional investment products in the form of asset-backed finance (debt funds) corresponding to the asset classes of aviation, real estate and infrastructure, and manage these on an ongoing basis.

An attractive market segment for institutional investors.

Low-yield government bonds, overheated share markets and intense competition for attractive asset investments are forcing institutional capital investors to broaden the scope of their asset allocation. Private debt can provide the solution.

A growth market with high (safety) standards.

The global aviation market reported above-average growth over the last 30 years and, in the next 20 years, the global aircraft fleet is expected to double in size. This requires long-term capital that provides institutional investors with attractive investment opportunities through collateralised aircraft financing.

Best-practice approach with attractive yield/risk profile.

With its debt specialists, long track record in the aviation market, and co-financing agreements with a number of banks with industry experience, KGAL GmbH & Co. KG offers its institutional customers excellent market access. The aviation debt concept is founded on clearly defined investment criteria, broad diversification, and a best-practice approach throughout, from managing the selection through to repayment of individual aircraft financing.

Our experts. Your points of contact.


Head of Debt Investments

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