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Pioneer. Since 2003.

New opportunities. Infrastructure investments in renewable energies.

KGAL Investment Management GmbH & Co. KG is one of the pioneers in the investment market for renewable energies. Since entering the market in 2003, we have acquired around 130 photovoltaic plants and wind farms both within Germany and abroad for our customers – representing an infrastructure investment of around €2.9 billion in eight European countries.


Our numbers are convincing; better still, they speak for us!

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KGAL Investment Management GmbH & Co. KG invests in environmentally friendly power generation in nine countries across Europe.

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In the renewable energies sector, we hold assets of around €2.9 billion.

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In 2040, around 70% of energy production will come from renewable sources.

Always setting trends. A pioneer in the renewables sector.

In 2005, KGAL Group established the first photovoltaics mutual fund. Since then, we have acquired an extensive portfolio for private and institutional investors, with infrastructure investments totalling around €1.3 billion: more than 60 solar power plants in Germany, Spain, Italy, France and the UK with a total capacity of around 384 megawatts.

Our assets are actively monitored by on-site specialists. This active asset management approach is designed to secure yields on a sustainable basis. In doing so, we also expand our expertise, allowing us to offer new investment opportunities in the solar market to our customers.

Stormy times offer huge opportunities to invest in wind power.

New technologies and improvements to the wind power landscape as a whole offer huge future potential for our investors. Working with us not only gives you access to infrastructure funds bursting with opportunity, but also the benefit of our many years of experience.

Since our first placement in 2003, we have acquired around 50 wind farms in Germany, France, Sweden and Finland, with a total capacity of 627 megawatts and a total investment volume of €1.1 billion. Our active asset management policy also supports investments by providing on-site specialists, and ensures that they produce solid, long-term yields in the infrastructure (energy) asset class.

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Renewable energies undergoing change – creating value through a new investment approach.


Stay ahead.

The property portfolio of our infrastructure funds, and the equity invested in it show that we are one of the largest and longest-established providers in Germany, and a reliable partner with a wealth of expertise when it comes to investing in renewable energies.


Perleberg photovoltaic plant

The Perleberg plant is a split facility with a total capacity of 35 megawatts. It was established for one of our institutional mutual funds. The plant is located on the site of a former military airfield, and returns the land to sustainable use. The town of Perleberg is situated halfway between Berlin and Hamburg.                                              

Langwedel wind farm

Langwedel wind farm in Lower Saxony was acquired in 2011 by the KGAL ESPF 2 fund. Vestas V90 (2 megawatt) wind turbines with a total capacity of 20 megawatts were installed. The wind farm is one of the first in Germany with a hub height of 125 m; this lofty hub height ensures consistent wind flow, reduces the strain on the plant technology, and leads to high electricity production.

Individual renewable energy portfolio

For one particular institutional investor, KGAL Group created a single account in the renewable energies sector with an equity volume of €280 million. To date, we have successfully invested €307 million in German and French wind farms and photovoltaics plants.

Greenfield or Brownfield - Why not both?

KGAL succeessfully closed a fund with investment commitments of € 750 million in September 2019 following the raising of the placement cap with the renewable energy fund KGAL ESPF 4. It is pursuing a core plus strategy that specifically combines greenfield and brownfield investments. KGAL has significantly expanded its international investor network. 32 institutional investors from 13 countries underline our claim to successfully place sustainable fund solutions on the international stage.

Mixed renewable funds

The European Sustainable Power Fund 2 (ESPF 2) achieved the maximum equity volume of €500 million within just one year and was therefore closed. It offers institutional investors a diversified portfolio of wind and solar power. With a debt capital share of 50%, up to €1 billion is available to the fund for investing in suitable objects.

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