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Trust based on a clear vision.

One core competency of KGAL is our reporting at the highest institutional level. As well as enjoying the benefits of permanently assigned contact persons who take care of any requests they may have, our investors also benefit above all from transparent, clearly structured reports that provide information on the current status of our funds and investments, whether in the form of management, risk or Solvency II reports.


Do something good, then report on it.

When it comes to interacting with investors, KGAL is keen to do so not just through our reports, acquisition documents and regular investment committee meetings, but also – with those investors who are willing, and not excluded for liability reasons – in one-to-one discussions.

We supply our investors on an individual basis with the information they require, clearly, concisely and on time. If our investors wish to expand or develop their knowledge of the specialised fields in KGAL Group, we are always there to talk to them personally, as a partner they can rely on. We are also happy to organise special workshops for customers on request.

Our reliability is statutory.

Our investment management system draws on constantly updated specialist expertise in reporting standards, sustainability and legal requirements, such as Solvency II. This allows customers to retain an overview at all times, even when portfolio structures are somewhat complex. You are our motivation: We want the business relationship we develop with you to also be sustainable.


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