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AM VENTURES launches 100-million-euro venture capital fund dedicated to industrial 3D printing

KGAL joins the shareholders to accelerate the business to a new level – AM Ventures, the leading venture capital firm in additive manufacturing (AM), announces the initial closing of the first-ever venture capital fund dedicated to industrial 3D printing. The company and major shareholders, the LANGER GROUP, join forces with KGAL, one of the leading independent investment and asset managers for real capital investments in Europe.  The initial closing brings the fund close to 50% of the targeted commitment. The fund will continue to focus on further strengthening the support for seed and early growth stage hardware, software, materials, and applications startups in industrial 3D printing globally. The closing of this one-of-a-kind investment fund represents a strong signal not only for the AM industry itself but also for investors looking to benefit from the strong dynamic in advanced manufacturing M&A. Dr. Hans Langer, Founding Partner in the newly formed fund and representative of the LANGER GROUP states: 
“After 6 years of successfully investing in AM-based startup companies, we decided to jointly take our business to the next level and join forces with the international asset manager KGAL. I am thankful for the achievements the AM Ventures team has made since we started in 2015 and I am very happy to now be working alongside my two former managing directors as new Managing Partners in the fund. This step is a massive opportunity for all AM startups around the world and will help to further accelerate the adoption of Additive Manufacturing.”

AM Ventures and the LANGER GROUP, major shareholders and pioneers in the 3D printing industry (EOS GROUP, SCANLAB GROUP), are proud to announce joining forces with KGAL, one of the leading independent investment and asset managers for real capital investments in Europe. With an investment volume of €15 bn and more than 390 funds launched since its foundation in 1968, KGAL completes the team with its significant experience and financial resources. AM Ventures’ expertise in, and focus on early stage, deep-tech investments adds a new asset class to their already strong portfolio with great potential for more funds in the future. Alongside the LANGER GROUP and Managing Partners Johann Oberhofer and Arno Held, KGAL is proud to become a shareholder in the newly formed AM Ventures Management GmbH. Dr. Klaus Wolf, Chief Investment Officer at KGAL, outlines:
 „This is a perfect match. The expertise of AM Ventures and KGAL ideally complement each other. AM Ventures, through their shareholder base, bring in-depth knowledge of industrial 3D printing thanks to their long commercial presence in this field; KGAL in turn has a proven track record in access to investors. Additive Manufacturing offers impressive potential to produce industrial goods in a resource effective and sustainable way. Through this joint venture we are laying the foundations for a long-term partnership and for further funds in a strong growth market.”

AM Ventures is proud to initially close the fund with several multi-million commitments from a strong investor base. Besides the LANGER GROUP, KGAL and its shareholders, multiple high net-worth individuals and experienced entrepreneurs have joined the fund as limited partners. The final closing of the fund is expected to take place in spring 2022. 
“We are very proud to have found great partners to support our approach of providing high performance teams and early-stage sustainable businesses with mission critical know-how, networks and other resources. With a fund dedicated entirely to early-stage AM startups, AM Ventures continues its successful journey of significantly contributing to the rapid growth of Additive Manufacturing.”, emphasize Managing Partners Johann Oberhofer and Arno Held.

AM Ventures is well known for their investments in disruptive and globally leading Additive Manufacturing start-ups. To date, 15 startup companies based in six countries on three continents have been funded in more than two dozen funding rounds. To name a few: DyeMansion, the first AM Ventures investment, has become a world market-leader for polymer finishing solutions turning 3D-printed raw parts into high-value products. Portfolio company 3Yourmind is considered the leading software provider to manage and optimize end-to-end production workflows enabling distributed manufacturing around the globe. LightForce Orthodontics takes the dental industry into the digital age with a platform providing orthodontists with fully customized, 3D printed tooth-moving tools. Additive Drives is the latest company to join the AM Ventures “fAMily”. The team revolutionizes electro mobility by developing and manufacturing 3D-printed electric motor components for more flexibility in development and huge performance increases. 
With an unmatched network of experts in the industrial 3D printing community and close partnerships with some of the biggest players in machine hardware and key components such as the EOS GROUP and the SCANLAB GROUP, AM Ventures can offer startups much more than just the pure financial support of a venture capital firm. The team brings valuable know-how based on many decades of successful entrepreneurship and deep tech development that is one of a kind. 

The leading venture capital firm in industrial 3D printing (additive manufacturing, AM) has an extensive portfolio of more than a dozen successful companies in 6 countries on 3 continents. The team possesses in-depth technology know-how and is well connected with the most experienced experts in the field. As an investment partner, the company provides a globally leading ecosystem of sustainable investments in AM and introduces entrepreneurs to a large pool of industry veterans, each one with decades of experience in engineering, manufacturing and executive management. Since 2021, AM Ventures is set up as a venture capital fund with the LANGER GROUP (pioneers in AM; EOS GROUP, SCANLAB GROUP), international investment and asset manager KGAL and the Managing Partners as shareholders of the managing entity. (www.amventures.com)

KGAL Group is a leading independent investment and asset manager with an investment volume of around 15 billion euros. The investments focus on long-term capital investments for institutional and private investors in real estate, infrastructure and aviation. The Group, founded more than 50 years ago, operates across Europe and has its registered office in Gruenwald near Munich. 345 employees contribute to achieving sustainably stable earnings, taking into account return and risk aspects (as of 31 December 2020). (www.kgal.de/en/)

Dr. Hans J. Langer is a pioneer in industrial 3D printing. In 1989, he founded EOS, with the vision to produce three-dimensional objects directly from CAD data, using laser technology. With a pioneering spirit and in-depth knowledge of market requirements, Dr. Langer grew the company into an independent and world-leading provider of high-end solutions in the field of additive manufacturing (AM), particularly dominating laser-based technologies as the core of industrial AM.  Today, the EOS GROUP comprises of EOS GmbH and the companies AMCM, AM Metals, M4P, ALM, and KVS. As member of the second generation, Marie Langer took over as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EOS in October 2019 and is responsible for the strategic direction of EOS and its subsidiaries. Uli Langer is responsible for innovation across all companies in the LANGER GROUP which among others also includes the SCANLAB GROUP (Laser beam management systems, the core-technology for digital manufacturing). (www.eos.info/en; www.scanlab.de/en)


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