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Good architecture increases the value of a property

KGAL Perspective Real Estate presents ambitious architecture – DRN, DOCK and Spark are commercial properties that not only stand out because of their exceptional functionality but also make a big impression with their highly sophisticated and attractive designs. In the latest issue of Perspective Real Estate, KGAL experts explain the features that define modern office buildings and also provide an insight into how an investment strategy is developed.

DRN, DOCK and Spark have one thing in common: they are all aesthetically pleasing structures. DRN (Czech for tuft of grass) is located in the centre of Prague, a stone’s throw from Charles Bridge. The complex consists of a listed old baroque building and a new building with a green façade. "We want to ensure a high yield, and increase this yield, during the holding period and throughout the entire life cycle," explains Portfolio Manager Haval Salihi.

Spark is an office complex in the Wola district of Warsaw. "Spark is beautiful and sets new standards in terms of sustainable office buildings," says Transaction Manager Adam Scheitza. Honey is even made on one of the roofs of the three-building complex. Spark was also designed with something else in mind, namely to serve as a meeting point for people in the local community.

DOCK is a striking high-rise office building with 10,000 square metres of floor space in Düsseldorf’s harbour district, which boasts a vibrant mix of offices, restaurants and homes. Portfolio Manager Christine Fritz explains: "DOCK is a prime example of how KGAL is able to combine various aspects of location research – from street and block development trends to international megatrends.

Portfolio Manager Ferdinand Geiger explains how an investment strategy is developed and describes how not only traditional criteria relating to location must be taken into account, but also social and popular trends as well as the risk appetite of the investor in question. A good strategy formulates these aspects in such a concise and effective manner that they become associated with the fund in question, Geiger explains, adding: "The beauty of such a strategy lies in its complexity."

“Perspective Real Estate” can be downloaded here



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