Climate protection at the expense of personal convenience

KGAL publishes Perspective Renewable Energies, No. 05/2019 – Two different yardsticks are being used in the current climate debate. The “Perspective Renewable Energies” publication from investment and asset manager KGAL looks at the reasons behind this. Portfolio manager Alexander Rietz also describes the strategy of the KGAL ESPF 4 renewable energies fund. His colleagues give recommendations for negotiations with French business partners.

Climate protection is popular provided you don’t need to change your own habits, observes Michael Ebner, Managing Director with responsibility for Infrastructure at KGAL Investment Management GmbH & Co. KG. In his view, the energy transition begins with every one of us: "If you're in favour of climate protection, you have to change your behaviour". As for politicians, Ebner claims that "politicians cannot continue to be all things to all people if the energy transition is to succeed."

The KGAL ESPF 4 renewable energies fund totals €750 million. With 32 institutional investors from thirteen countries, the fund is testament to the international nature of KGAL. Portfolio manager Alexander Rietz is responsible for the investment strategy. In an interview, he talks of the importance of regulation, market dynamics and investor expectations.

Asset managers in the Infrastructure division perceive a strong sense of responsibility in their French business partners. They give recommendations for negotiations and describe the French way of life.

The “Perspective Renewable Energies” publication provides brief and concise information about investments in hydropower as well as solar and wind farms. “Perspective Renewable Energies” can be downloaded here.


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